The CRADLE also partners with several other institutions and networks which advance the rights of children at the national, regional and international levels. These include…

Action Aid, Kenya.
Consortium for Street Children, UK
Hope for the African Child Initiative (HACI)
Human Rights Watch, Child Rights Program
Justice for Children Foundation
Kenya Human Rights Commission.
Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)
Kenyatta National Hospital, Gender Based Violence Recovery Centre
Law Society of Kenya (LSK)
Liverpool Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre (LVCT).
Microsoft Eastern and Southern Africa
MS Kenya
Nairobi Women’s Hospital
SNV Kenya
World Organization Against Torture (OMCT)

Networking and advocacy runs through all of The CRADLE’s programs. In addition to hosting the Juvenile Justice Network and the Regional Africa Juvenile Justice Network, The CRADLE is also a member of the following networks

Elimu Yetu Coalition
Girl Child Network (GCN)
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)
Human Rights House
Juvenile Justice Network
Kenya Anti-Trafficking in Persons Network
Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice
Kenya Stakeholders’ Coalition on the UPR (Universal Periodic Review)
Kenya Women’s Political Caucus
Kenya Human Rights Network (K-HURINET)
National Civil Society Congress
National Focal Point on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
NGO Committee on UNICEF
Paralegal Support Network (PASUNE)
Regional African Juvenile Justice Network (RAJJNet)
Tukomeshe Unajisi Network

The CRADLE works with various government agencies to advocate for child rights within government policies, programmes and processes. The CRADLE also sits in various committees in various government Ministries Departments and Agencies…

  • Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs
    Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development
    Department of Children Services
    National Council for Children Services
    Parliament of Kenya
    The Judiciary
    Kenya Law Reform Commission
    Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

The CRADLE also sits in various committees in various government Ministries Departments and Agencies.

  • Government of Kenya Advisory Committee on International Human Rights Obligations
    The Government of Kenya Advisory Consultative Committee on International Human Rights Obligations was set up in 2004 by the then Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon Kiraitu Murungi. The CRADLE’s was appointed and gazetted as a member of the Committee. The primary role the Committee is to advice the Government on its treaty obligations including reporting and domestication obligations. The CRADLE has contributed in monitoring and reporting of various human rights instruments including the Convention on the Rights of the Child, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Universal Periodic Reporting mechanism among others.
  • Task Force on the Implementation of the Sexual Offences Act
    The CRADLE sits in the the Task Force on the Implementation of the Sexual Offences Act. The Task Force was set up follwoing the enactment of the Sexual Offences Act, 2006, by the then Attorney General, Hon. Amos Wako through Gazette Notice No. 2155 of16th March, 2007. The Task Force comprises of 30 members drawn from various ministires, departments and non-governmental orgnizations. It is mandated to to oversee the implementation of the Act. The Task Force has been instrumental in development of the Sexual Offences Dangerous Offenders DNA Databank) Regulations; the Post Rape Care (PRC) Form, the draft National Policy on Sexual Offences, the Regulations on Intermediaries and creating awareness on the Sexual Offences Act among others. Click here for more information on the Task Force.
  • National Steering Committee on Counter Trafficking in Persons
    The CRADLE is also a member of the National Steering Committee on Counter Trafficking in Persons was established in 2007 and is chaired by the Permananet Secretary, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. The Committee is comprised of representatives from various government ministries and departments, civil society organizations and development partners. It’s role is to coordinate national effrots towards combating human trafficking in Kenya. It has been instrumental in the development of the National Plan of Action for Combating Trafficking in Persons (2008 – 2013). The Plan of Action focuses on on prevention, awareness raising, victim protection, legislative reform, law enforcement co-operation, training and exchange of information.
  • National Council on the Administration of Justice
    The Council was established pursuant to Section 34 of the Judicial Service Act (No. 1 of 2011). It is a high-level policy making, implementation and oversight coordinating mechanism, not a service delivery organ. It is chaired by the Chief Justice. The CRADLE sits in this Council as a representative of Civil Society Organizations in matters concerning children. The Council was officially launched in August 2011. The functions of this Council are to: formulate policies relating to the administration of justice; implement, monitor, evaluate and review strategies for the administration of justice; facilitate the establishment of court user committees at the county level; and mobilize resources for purposes of the efficient administration of justice. Click here for more information on the Council.
  • National Steering Committee on the National Policy and Plan of Action on Human Rights 
    The CRADLE was nominated as a member of the Task Force to develop a national policy and plan of action on human rights. The multi-sectoral Committee comprised of representatives from bringing together Government Ministries, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the Trade Unions, the Private Sector and involved the collection of views from members of the public from all regions of the Country.  The Task Force was spearheaded by the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. The national consultative process culminated into the publication of the National Policy on Human Rights of 2010.
  • Parliamentary Caucus on Children
    The Parliamentary Caucus on Children is made up of a group of Members of Parliament dedicated to supporting the passing of laws that advance the rights of the child .The CRADLE hosts the Parliamentary Caucus on Children and engages them on a continual basis to lobby for issues affecting children and development of child rights and gender responsive laws. The CRADLE has engaged MPs under this umbrella to discuss proposed legislations on child trafficking, child justice, victim support, social protection and implementation of the Constitution. The CRADLE has also collaborated with the Kenya Women Parliamentarians Association. Click here for more on the Parliamentary Caucus on Children.

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