Unless permitted by law, no Personal Information is collected, without first obtaining the consent of the individual concerned to the collection, use and dissemination of that information. However, we may seek consent to use and disclose Personal Information after it has been collected in those cases where The CRADLE wishes to use the information for a purpose not identified in this Policy or not previously identified or for which the individual concerned has not previously consented. If a Member consents, his/her personal information shall be used for the purposes indicated in this policy statement.

If a member does not consent, then his/her personal information shall be used by The CRADLE for purposes of communicating with the Member only and shall not be provided to anyone else (e.g. Preferred Suppliers). In the event a Member does not indicate his/her consent, the submission of the information constitutes the consent of an applicant to the use of his or her personal information for these purposes. If a Member wishes to withdraw his/her consent to have his/her membership information disclosed to affiliated organizations, preferred suppliers and other reputable organizations, the Member should contact The CRADLE.