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About the Documentation and Resource Centre
The CRADLE manages a Documentation and Resource Centre to support the research needs of The CRADLE staff and its partners including children. The Documentation and Resource Centre contains diverse information from various sources including materials produced within the organization, other organizations, research institutions, individual contributions, purchases of relevant materials and the internet. These materials also include child friendly materials that specifically target children. These materials have been useful to the practitioners, researchers, institutions, students and the general public.

Access to the Resource Centre
The Documentation and Resource Centre is open to external users on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2.00p.m to 4.00p.m. Read users’ guidelines for more information.
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JJQ_Vol.1_Issue_2The Juvenile Justice Journal monitors annually the trends in policy and legislation as relates to juvenile justice specifically as premised under the Children’s Act among other related laws using international standards as a benchmark for measuring government compliance, so as to provide to the public information on the state of child rights in Kenya.DOWNLOAD FILE

JJQ_Vol.4_Issue_4The Juvenile Justice Quarterly is a quarterly magazine that aims at providing trends on juvenile justice at the national, regional and international levels. It targets different groups including legal practitioners, policy makers, and the general public. It also provides an avenue for identifying good practices in other jurisdictions which can be positively applied for policy and law reform in the country including informing processes for improved implementation of laws and policies.