The next full day meeting of the Human Rights Council will be held on 8th March 2011 during the 19th regular session that will take place in Geneva from 27th February to 23rd March 2012. It will focus on children and the administration of justice.

This meeting is part of a series of annual meetings, which the Human Rights Council has held since its resolution 7/29 on the Rights of the Child adopted in March 2008. By this resolution, the Human Rights Council affirmed “its commitment to effectively integrate the rights of the child in its work and that of its mechanisms in a regular, systematic and transparent manner, taking into account specific needs of boys and girls”.

The Council also resolved to commit time in its programme of work to focus on chosen themes on the rights of the child, at a minimum an annual full-day meeting, to discuss different specific themes on the rights of the child, including the identification of challenges in the realization of the rights of the child, as well as measures and best practices that can be adopted by States and other stakeholders, and to assess the effective integration of the rights of the child it its work, beginning in 2009”.

So far the Council has held three thematic discussions on the following:
a) 20 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Achievements and Challenges for its full Realization (10th session, March 2009);
b)The fight against sexual violence against children (13th session, March 2010);

c)Protection and promotion of the rights of children working and or living on the street. (16th session, March 2011)