The CRADLE has received this important press release from our partner FIDA regarding the Bungoma hospital maternity service story 3rd September on KTN

bungoma-district-hospitalInvestigations Into The Claims Of Disrespect And Abuse During Child Birth: Woman Forced To Give Birth On The Floor At The Bungoma District Hospital.

FIDA Kenya is repulsed by the media reports highlighted by KTN Prime news on 3rd September 2013 showing a woman giving birth on a cold hospital floor amid slaps by the nurses at the Bungoma District Hospital. It was reported that the woman went into labour and subsequently gave birth on the cold floor without help. She was further ordered to walk into the delivery room for the nurses to complete the procedure.

It is quite disheartening that this unprofessional treatment was meted in broad daylight, and in the full view of the other patients further traumatising them.

It is very disturbing that the alleged atrocities were committed by the hospital’s nurses on duty .The aforestated actions are a clear sign of no respect for human rights and more so women rights. It is further appalling that the Bungoma District Hospital management has publicly blamed this shameful act on understaffing and increased number of pregnant women trickling in the hospital. This action validates the levels of increased impunity in Kenya that has rolled into our institutions.

FIDA Kenya applauds the efforts of the Ministry of health in addressing this issue. However, we call upon the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board and the Ministry of Health to judiciously expedite investigations into the matter within a definite time- frame, and punish the heartless health providers.

In addition, FIDA Kenya calls upon the Bungoma District Hospital Management to assure Kenyans that the hospital is a violence free public institution that upholds human rights. The management should further assure Kenyans that they are willing to cooperate and provide all necessary information to ensure effective investigation, arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators. The hospital management should also apply deliberate measures to uphold human dignity and ensure that the security of all patients at the hospital is adequately provided to prevent any future monstrous acts.

Full Press Statement by FIDA